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Promoting your loved one’s health and immunity by serving healthy, tasty meals every day

Eating the right meals and getting all the nutrition we need daily is essential to keep our joints, bones, muscles, and nerves functioning properly. It also aids in maintaining good blood circulation as well as healthy skin, eyes, and hair. However, with aging, on top of illnesses and disabilities, our appetite may lessen and may change our taste with foods. This situation may lead to malnutrition or even severe health complications.

Christ Home Care does not want this to happen to any of our clients. We also want to reduce the stress and worries of family members when it comes to preparing meals that will match their loved one’s needs. Hence, we offer meal planning and preparation services to be able to serve meals to your loved ones that do not only meet their nutritional needs and dietary requirements but also taste good and look appetizing to the eyes.

Here are some of the tasks we do:

  • Plan & prepare grocery lists.
  • Check for food expiration dates.
  • Prepare freshly cooked meals.
  • Prepare meals ahead, label, and freeze in individual meal size for future use.
  • Clean and organize the fridge and cupboards.

Rest assured that our caregivers are skilled in planning and preparing meals that even picky eaters can’t resist. Family members can confidently rely on Christ Home Care to suffice their loved one’s meal requirements.

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